Struts 2 Framework training program offered by Mansard Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. enable individuals to learn how to use Apache Struts for developing industry-ready Java web applications. This program is designed to help you gain all the necessary skills required for the development of Struts project. With competent and qualified in-house staff, we make certain that our learning platform provides best practices and enhance your professional profile.

1. Struts 2 Framework Overview

Apache Struts 2 is an extensible framework used for creating enterprise-ready Java web applications.  

2. Course Features

15 – 20 hours of Instructor-led classes, assignments after every class, a live project to get hands-on experience, quizzes and real-time project, self-paced online learning, certification after successful completion of course

3. Who is Eligible to Take Up This Course?

Struts 2 frameworks have been designed for Java Programmers who are interested in pursuing a career in building Struts 2 based web applications.

4. Prerequisites

Must have good knowledge about Java programming language and basic knowledge of MVC frameworks and JSP or Servlet would be helpful.

About the Course

Struts 2 Framework certification and training program, also known as Apache Struts is designed to create enterprise-ready applications. It can be employed to streamline the complete development cycle from creating, to deploying and continue to maintain applications.

Introduction to Struts 2

Goal: In this module, you will learn about architecture, setup, basic configuration, actions., framework interceptors.

  • Basic MVC architecture, features
  • Prepare a development environment
  • Pull-MVC framework
  • Creating a web project, create a main page, configure files
  • Basic configuration
  • Create Action
  • Framework Interceptors

Objects, File uploads, Struts Validation, localization, exceptional handling, annotations

Goal: In this module, we shall discuss in detail the uploading of files, validation, exception handling, annotations.

  • Value Stack Object
  • File Uploads
  • Access a database using Struts 2
  • Sending E-mails
  • Struts validation framework
  • Localization and International Support
  • Type Conversion, Themes/ Templates
  • Handle exceptions
  • Annotations

Struts 2 Tags

Goal: In this module, you will learn about a set of Tags that help in controlling the flow of page execution.

  • Control Tags
  • Data Tags
  • Form Tags
  • Ajax Tags

Struts 2 & Other Integrations

Goal: In this module, you will learn about the integration of Spring with Struts 2

  • Spring
  • Tiles
  • Hibernate