Software Testing is a process to find faults in software applications and ensure that the product is free from all types of faults and is ready-to-use. Software Testing utilizes manual and automation testing tools to identify errors, gaps, and other missing requirements and check the actual outcome with an expected outcome. 

Mansard provides Software Testing training course for both and experienced to make you equipped with abilities and skills to work as a Software Engineer with the certification. 

We offer the following Software Testing courses

  • Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • CAST (Certified Associate of Software Testing)
  • CMST (Certified Manager of Software Testing)
  • ISTQB (International Level Software Testing Qualification Board) -Foundation Level 

Why Software Testing is Important and Necessary?

Software bugs are dangerous and expensive. The presence of software bugs in any application can cause monetary or human loss. Let’s look at the history of such examples where software errors have caused immense damage.

  • Bloomberg terminal in London was crashed in April 2015 due to a software fault affecting over 300,000 traders in financial markets. 
  • Due to the failure of the proper functioning of the software in airbag sensory detectors, Nissan cars were forced to recall over 1 million cars from the market. There were two accidents reported as a result of software failure.
  • After Starbucks noticed software failure in its POS system, it closed about 60 percent of stores across the US and Canada. 
  • The software bug in Window 10 enables users to escape the security sandboxes via a flaw in the win32k system.
  • In 2015, the powerful fighter plane F-35 was unable to detect the targets correctly due to a software bug.