Scripting is a programming language offered by Mansard to help individuals gain competitive advantage and kick start the career. Our team of trainers having more than a decade of experience in the IT industry understands the importance of having skilled professionals in the company. To help candidates gain the expertise and talent, Mansard delivers high-quality training to ensure that you obtain a well-rounded experience.

Mansard Scripting Training programs are designed by our professional team of trainers to provide every student with a unique learning opportunity and be highly confident. Though the challenges are immense in this field, our faculty ensures that you gain hands-on experience through our instructor-led training classes. 

Some of the applications of Scripting Language are: 

  • To automate repetitive tasks in a program 
  • Extracting necessary information from a data set
  • Less code intensive and can be executed without compiling

Mansard has customized the training solutions that make a pathway for placements across India.

  • Shell Scripting

  • Python Scripting

  • Perl Scripting

  • PowerShell