Mansard’s Python Scripting course is designed for both freshers and experienced professionals. We provide training in basic as well as advanced concepts. Python is a general-purpose, dynamic and a high-level programming language that supports the OOPS approach to develop applications. Our highly experienced instructors provide effective and engaging training classes and enable you to gain real-time skills in Python Scripting. As Python is known as multiprogramming language, it helps in developing a lot of applications when used with web, 3D CAD, enterprise, etc. 

1. Python Scripting Overview

Python Scripting is the high-level programming language. It focuses on introducing Programming and Scripting, Data Handling, Object-Oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Collection and different Network Concepts.

2. Course Features

30-35 hours of Instructor-led classes, assignments after every class, a live project to get hands-on experience, quizzes and real-time project, self-paced online learning, certification after successful completion of course

3. Who is Eligible to Take Up This Course?

The following professionals can take up the Shell Scripting course by Mansard Software Solution.

      • Big Data professionals
      • Programmers, Developers, Technical Leads, Architects
      • Business Analysts
      • Freshers who have adequate exposure to Programming and Database concepts and good knowledge of Computer Programming

4. Prerequisites

Must have a basic understanding of Computer Programming Languages and possessing good knowledge of Computer Programming

     About the Course

     Python Scripting training and certification program enables you to learn how to use Python in a real-time environment and enables you to develop applications based on OOPS concept.

     Introduction to Python and Scripting Course

     Goal: In this module, you will learn the concepts of Python and Scripting

  • Get an overview of Python
  • The companies using Python
  • Other applications in which Python can be used
  • Explore Python Frameworks and IDEs
  • Concept of Scripting
  • Difference between Scripting language and Programming language
  • Installation of Python

     Introduction to Data types and Conditional Statements

     Goal: In this module, we shall discuss the basic data types of Python and decision-making statements.

  • Introduction to Identifiers
  • What are the different variable types?
  • Different operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops

     Deep Dive into Data Types

     Goal: In this module, you will learn the different types of sequence structures, related operations, and their usage.

  • Numbers
  • Strings and related operations
  • Tuples and related operations
  • Lists and related operations
  • Dictionaries and related operations
  • Sets and related operations

       Functions, OOPS and Exceptional Handling

      Goal: In this module, you will learn how to create and execute Functions and Object Oriented Concepts. You will learn how to handle expected and unexpected exceptions using Pycharm

  • Function Parameters
  • Global variables
  • Why Python is called Object-oriented language?
  • Class and Objects
  • Variable scope and Returning Values
  • Python files I/O Functions
  • Errors and Exception Handling
  • Handling multiple exceptions

Network Programming, Multi-threading and GUI Programming

Goal: In this module, you will learn Standard Libraries of Python, modules used in Python, how to connect your server with MySQL DB. In addition, learn about Socket programming and GUI programming.

  • Modules used in python
  • Python Boto ec2 module
  • MySQL DB access
  • Network programming
  • Multi-threading
  • GUI programming