Mansard software solution is chosen as an authorised center of Pearson VUE Exam Centre in Bangalore. With a high level of security, we deliver a wide variety of exams to meet the requirements of both domestic and international clients. With high-end infrastructure and reliable internet connection, every test is monitored within Mansard and ensures that exams are delivered without any interruption.

We conduct an array of exams like Microsoft, Solaris, Java, Cisco, Citrix, and many more for top-notch organizations across the globe such as NetApp, C++ Institute, Cisco Systems, CompTIA, and a lot more. Our outstanding services help candidates in appearing for exams with a safe and secure environment.

Exam Registration at Pearson VUE Testing Center

We help students in registering for exams through our simple registration process. Also, candidates can register online at the Pearson VUE Testing Center. For more clarifications, you can contact us.  

Brief Steps for appearing for your exam at your convenience

We know that looking for a test center in your proximity and registering without any errors could be time-consuming and hectic. So, we have designed the convenient options for you:


For successful enrolment through Mansard, test takers need to carry two types of photo identification proof issued by the government with test taker’s signature.

Choosing a convenient date, time and location

Pearson VUE Exam provides convenient timings during weekdays as well as weekends. Test takers can choose convenient date, time and location from the available list. Upon confirmation, you shall receive an email confirming your appointment.

Reschedule or cancel an exam

Select an exam mentioned in the “Upcoming Assignments” section and follow the instructions. Charges exists for rescheduling and/or cancelling an exam. Based on the testing program, the deadline to reschedule or cancel would vary.

What are the payment methods available?

You can pay for your testing program at the time of registration. Payments can be made with Visa, American Express or MasterCard debit/credit card.


All testing programs may not provide a preliminary score report immediately after finishing the exam. Some programs mail you the reports directly, while others may take a few weeks to process.

Advise to test takers

As stationery is provided by the Pearson VUE Testing Center, test takers are requested not to carry any type of study materials while appearing to take the exam at our center