Software Web Development Frameworks provides a set of tools and libraries to develop, maintain and scale web applications. The aim of the web development frameworks is to make you an expert in handling various types of web applications. Mansard has designed the certification and training programs that enable you to become a professional website developer. As many several frameworks are available, making an appropriate choice is tricky. Mansard is here to guide you based on your interest and skills. 

Your website journey starts with followings steps:

  1. Getting started with the web
  2. Introduction to HTML
  3. CSS – For Styling the Web Pages
  4. JavaScript Guide 
  5. Accessibility Guides
  6. Tools and Testing
  7. Server-Side Website Programming

The Server-Side Website Programming has various modules that aid in building dynamic websites using the appropriate web framework tools. The most popular Web Framework courses offered by Mansard include:

  • Django Framework
  • Flask Environment
  • Hibernate
  • Struts2 Framework
  • Ruby-on-Rails
  • Spring Framework