As bottlenecks and gap occurs between software development, IT operations, and quality assurance, teams are spending huge time in building and deploying software application. With the inception of DevOps, the success rates of software development and deployment have significantly improved along with operational performance.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a term used when the processes between Development and Operations team are automated and aligned, in order to work collaboratively to build, test, deploy code and release software faster, thus eliminate bottlenecks and gaps. 

Our Customized Solutions

Infrastructure Management
environment management

Our DevOps Infrastructure Management solution helps in developing and deploying your software through automation, which include;

  • Create your systems with automated provisioning
  • Scale up of servers in reduced time
  • Configure OS
  • Eliminate mismatch in server state
  • Getting servers ready to deploy in a real state

Mansard’s DevOps Environment Management solution is for managing codes and automation of your platforms, which include;

  • Assuring configuration match
  • Automated, accurate, and quick configuration deployment
  • Managing all environments using a single tool
  • Activity reports configuration

code inspection & continuous delivery
Deployment & Orchestration

Mansard’s DevOps solution offers quality services to inspect the code and continuously connect with clients. Some of our services include –

  • Testing of code
  • Verification
  • Continuous integration & delivery for successful deployment

Our deployment & orchestration services are designed to reduce manual errors and increase production time, some of which include,

  • Automated and faster deployment
  • Operating your systems
  • Monitoring & orchestration