Mansard has a pragmatic experience in transforming your ideas into building real-time projects of your dream. We use best practices from agile methodologies to derive better efficiencies with affordable costs. Our agile developers diligently work with product owners and implement prominent agile methodologies like Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and Lean practices to deliver readily usable software in shorter time.

From a single pod of application to total organization transforming, Mansard experts will guide you to meet your needs. Using appropriate analysis tools, we shall be a channel to prioritize your processes.

This service is to optimize a series of functions like design, develop, test and operations by embedding the latest agile technology for improved performance. This transformation provides the collaboration and dexterity to swiftly release high-quality software into the market to analyse consumer needs and dynamic market changes.

Every enterprise has unique needs and challenges. Mansard’s agile team permeates through the challenges and help in implementation through five phases –Assessment and planning, Create a roadmap, Validate with teams, Rollout full system, Performance monitoring

Comprehending the expertise and goals of an organization, Agile transition strategy by Mansard keeps you focused and efficient. We help you in making appropriate decisions and foresee your market conditions.